D. S. Bradford -

Composer For Media

As a kid, Bradford grew up surrounded by a variety of music and art. His parents are both singers, classically trained alumni from New England Conservatory of Music. In that household, classical music was a part of everyday listening, and although rock music was something that Bradford gravitated toward in his youth, he always loved listening to an orchestra and watching movies with epic scores. Batman, Star Wars, E.T., and many other classic movie soundtracks found their way into his CD collection (yes, because there were CDs back then, kids.)

While in different rock bands, Bradford developed his art of songwriting and engineering in the studio. This practice of honing the art of arrangement and mixing has helped him produce his own music and releases, as heard in albums like Elemental Evolution. Little did Bradford know that someday listening to Tchaikovsky would pay off. 

His journey into composing had already begun to take form in the world of rock, but the opportunity came up to really expand into a versatile musician when he learned of a video game that was in development called Saga Of Lucimia. The fantasy MMORPG was beginning to take shape, but one thing was missing. The music. Bradford volunteered to join as the composer and music director on a team of incredibly talented artists and developers. Without any orchestral arrangement experience, Bradford jumped right in and added to the identity of Saga Of Lucimia. As the team continued to grow, Stormhaven Studios was born and Bradford is a founding member, in addition to his role as music composer. This is only the beginning, as Bradford is pursuing opportunities to become a composer for film, television, and other media. 

Selections From Saga Of Lucimia

Saga Of Lucimia Trailer (Scored by D. S. Bradford)