D. S. Bradford - Graphic Artist

Long before he picked up an instrument, Bradford was rarely found without a sheet of paper and a pencil...or a crayon, a brush, pastels, markers. Inspired by many different artists, he found his own style within the realm of abstract and surrealism. When he was a kid, Bradford looked up to artists like Dali and M.C. Escher, and an artist within his own family: his uncle Mike Grau. Bradford became enamored by his uncle's surreal and amusing creations and decided himself to tap into the strange, out-of-the-box way of seeing the world and expressing himself through art. Throughout his formidable years, Bradford also dabbled in caricatures, which his classmates and (some) of his teachers found humorous. 

When he began creating music, then deciding to package his releases, Bradford saw it as a way to showcase the visual aspects of the songs he wrote. He creates entire worlds that no commissioned album artwork could truly capture, nor was it even a consideration.

The messages were only truly spoken once the vision could be seen.


Selected Works

Album Covers


Designs For PopWrapped



Images for Articles


Banners, Flyers, and just for fun

Graphic Design Services

In addition to creating his own artwork, graphics, and logos, Bradford has offered his services to help other artists and business owners realize their visual needs. Take a look and reach out.