D. S. Bradford Teases Short Clip From Upcoming Music Video

Philadelphia, PA - The past few months have been a whirlwind for progressive rock artist and composer D. S. Bradford. With the release of 'Elemental Evolution' in August, Bradford has gained momentum and is using it to garner support for the making of his upcoming music video for "A Call To The Stars II: A Home In The Sky", a 7-minute epic masterpiece comprised of classic rock-inspired guitar solos, progressive rock undertones, and orchestral elements. The most compelling aspect of the song, and the whole album, is the thought-provoking, masterful lyricism that summarizes the story of 'Elemental Evolution'.

The project was first reported by music blog Indie Band Guru, which outlined the premise of the project as a collaborative effort between Bradford and numerous volunteers from varied demographics armed with posters of the lyrics, meant to collectively communicate the message of peace and tolerance for each other within the human race. X-Factor finalist Vino Alan and Coheed And Cambria drummer Josh Eppard are among the familiar faces of those who have signed on to join Bradford for the video. 

As a creative multi-faceted artist, Bradford is producing the video with very little help from the outside, short of the volunteers, of course. His talents have been recognized and endorsed by StayblCam, a company that began as a very successful Kickstarter venture and is a pioneer of mobile video stabilization. Armed with the tools and his knowledge of special effects, Bradford is gearing up to show the world what is promising to be a stellar presentation, and one that - if pulled off - will be a huge progression in the world of D.I.Y. video production. Take a look at the rough cut of a green screen test he shared on his WhoSay account:

D. S. Bradford on WhoSay

As anyone can see from his artwork, graphic design, videography, and musical prowess, D. S. Bradford is definitely someone to pay attention to. As an artist, his abilities are endless and he uses them to spread positivity and a feeling of being one with each other and our home here on Earth. Whether he is writing music like that which is heard on 'Elemental Evolution', creating mind-bending illustrations (like the cover art), or composing music for Saga Of Lucimia - Bradford fully immerses himself into every project he is a part of, and that is evident in the results. 

There is still room to get involved in the music video. Contact D. S. Bradford via his website, or on Facebook and Twitter (@DSBradford). Be a part of the EVOLUTION.