Meet David Bradford

As an artist, David Bradford is versatile and has never limited himself to any one medium of expression. In addition to songwriting, composing, and performing in rock and classical music genres, Bradford is a visual artist, web designer, graphic designer, photographer, and videographer/editor. As a D.I.Y. artist, these were necessary skills to learn in order to build a brand and a presence online and to enhance the experience of longtime fans and new discoverers, alike. 

Bradford has never kept these gifts to himself. He has worked with creators to help build their brands and enhance their own experience, giving individuals and businesses the confidence to show the public what they are all about. David's keen and natural eye for design, coupled with his unwavering work ethic and ineffable drive to bring his clients' mental images into the world of tangible dimension has earned himself a reputation as one of the indie world's best untapped resources. 



• Graphic Designer (Web, Social Media, Advertising, Logo/Branding)

• Sound Designer (Ads, Media, Video Games)

• Music Composer (Media, Video Games)

• Songwriter (BMI)

• Writer/Editor

• Experienced in Wordpress, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro

• Visual Designer with focus on user experience

• Art Director

• Web Designer (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

• Illustrator

• Photographer

• Videographer/Video Editor

Personal Attributes That Lead To Success

• Eye for creating designs that stand out/convey a message/urge a call to action

• Talent for illustration that paves the way for truly unique design

• Hardworking, never settling until a project is as great as it can be

• Ability to coordinate a team to meet or exceed deadlines

• Strong analytical/problem-solving skills

• Thrives in both team-based and independent situations

• Self-driven with little need for supervision

• Resourceful and continuously learning and finding new ways to express an idea

• Highly disciplined in learning and application

work • projects

Web Design






twoheartsbeadasone.com **

* Collaboration with Patricia Bradford

**Two Hearts Bead As One is an online handmade jewelry retailer that was started by my fiancé and myself. The site is no longer active, but there is still an online presence on Facebook, where banners, ads, and the logo may be found. 



album art


Banners/Social Media


Teaser I created for Weerd Science's album Red Light Juliet 3: The Seer. The music medley was compiled using the copyrighted music of Weerd Science (Josh Eppard) and footage. I do not own the rights to the material. This video is for personal portfolio archival use. Original post

David Bowie (1947 ★ 2016) Time-lapse video of a David Bowie drawing I completed in the wake of his departure. His music inspires me, as an artist and as a listener/watcher/absorber. May this be but a small contribution to the mass amount of tributes that have been expressed from fans all over the world.
Brand new song from the upcoming album "Elemental Evolution"! Help bring this album to life! Pledge to preorder NOW: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/dsbradford-elemental-evolution-ep
Coming soon, the title track from D. S. Bradford's upcoming album. Preorder T-shirt, featuring original artwork by Bradford at Bandcamp and receive an instant download code: http://dsbradford.bandcamp.com Song available on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, and elsewhere 1/8/2016
The Universe is listening... Elemental Evolution



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