• In a sense, Bradford represents the raw essentials of rock that have been lost somewhere in its deepest cockles, amongst the heavy mist of pop-produced anthems that pervade the market in its current state, but with a thinker’s cap atop his head all the same.
    Jonathan Frahm,
  • It is time for us to focus on music that brings out the best in each one of us and shines a light of hope on what can sometimes seem like a dark world.
    Mari Richardson,
  • A Call to the Stars II: A Home in the Sky really brings the whole record together. It simply drifts along with amazing harmonies and a trippy 60s or 70s vocals that let Bradford come through as a superior singer and songwriter.
    Rachel Freitas,
  • Elemental Evolution is a daring debut but Bradford sticks the landing with confidence, carefully curating every note of every track.
    Shelagh Dolan,


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